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Sexy Lingerie - How To Buy?

Posted on 5th Sep 2018 @ 10:22 PM

It's your special day. You've probably thought about that for years, maybe since I was a little girl. But how much thought has been given for the Wedding Night? When the wedding dress comes off, your bridal lingerie will entice the groom (as if you really need some kind of temptation) and help turn your special night into the romantic scene of your dreams.
The bridal lingerie has traditionally been white, ivory or cream. You can use dark colors, but never with a white dress, since the lingerie could be transparent. If you have chosen a darker dress, dark bridal lingerie will be fine. When shopping online, be sure to order in advance to make sure the lingerie will arrive on time for your special night. Also, the inventories and styles of lingerie change often, so something you see one day may not be available the next day.

Lingerie sets are always a good choice. They come with a top (like a camisole or something busty) with panties or a thong. Remember, when you buy in a set, you will also save money . When buying your bridal lingerie, do not forget the garters. Most expensive intimate clothing does not mean it's betterSometimes people think that paying a bundle in intimate clothing will be of better quality or even better once it is put on the body ... but nothing is further from reality, we must flee from that consumerist and capitalist thinking. The reality is that the most expensive underwear you will only be paying for the commercial name, for the place where you are buying or for the publicity that is behind, but you will not be paying only for the underwear. It is better to have a responsible consumption and look for lingerie stores with models that you like and that make you feel good even if it costs you more economically.

The mood will riseUnderwear is much more than this only. The right underwear for your body and for your personal tastes, will make you feel as beautiful as you really are. Underwear will make you feel amazing, even if you're having a bad day, putting on a delicate piece of silk or lace will make you want to enjoy your intimacy as a couple, feeling like the queen of the dance floor.

The Size of the Bridal LingerieNo matter which bridal lingerie you choose, be sure to try it on with your wedding dress on. Bridal lingerie, especially with a corset, can change the shape of your body and can make your wedding dress look different. Babydolls are loose garments and look good all over the world. The corsets are more restrictive and will shape your figure to resemble an hourglass. The Honeymoon LingerieRemember, on your honeymoon all bets are closed. You could consider something a little more risqué. Maybe a transparent babydoll . You should also stock up on exciting clothes for the nights in the town.

Checklist for Bridal Lingerie

1. Lingerie should be white, cream, or ivory if you are wearing a white dress ; or choose a color to match your dress
2. Buy early so the lingerie arrives before the big day.
3. Check the lingerie sets to save money
4. Make sure your bridal lingerie fits in your wedding dress
5. Do not forget the additional ones - like the suspenders
6. For the honeymoon choose what you want - come back a little crazy

Surely you will find underwear that suits youToday there are options of intimate clothing of many types, and it will only depend on your tastes and the shape of your body that you find the one that best suits you. Think of your body (be realistic) and look for the lingerie that enhances the areas of your body that you like but that conceal those that you prefer that are hidden. For example if you want to enhance your breasts but disguise your waist and hips you can opt for a sensual nightgown. Think about what you want to achieve and look for the piece that suits you.

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