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Everything you need to know about erotic lingerie and its benefits

Everything you need to know about erotic lingerie and its benefits

Erotic lingerie is designed to increase desire in intimate encounters and make you feel good in your day-to-day life if you want to. And it is that using lingerie can bring you benefits far beyond sexual relations.

If you want to know more about how to explore the possibilities that lingerie offers you? How to choose the ideal sexy lingerie for you, or if you have ever thought about giving lingerie to someone and didn't know where to start, we give you all the keys about the use of lingerie and its benefits.


Erotic lingerie has always been linked to the concept of sensuality, forming part of the collective imagination as far as eroticism and sexual experiences are concerned. But as our way of dressing, thinking and acting has evolved, intimate lingerie has become a faithful reflection of emancipation.

Erotic lingerie has always been linked to the concept of sensuality, but there is more to it than that.

We need to continue cultivating sensuality in our daily lives, not just as a preliminary to sex. As the designer, Christian Dior once said, "True elegance lies in the areas hidden from view". It's not about choosing lingerie to please your partner. We choose lingerie for ourselves to feel more comfortable and confident.

In the case of complexes or areas of the body that you do not want to show, lingerie can be a great ally playing in your favour and enhancing other areas of the body that you prefer. If you need it, you can try to rely on this type of garment to feel comfortable and sensual without having to show those parts of yourself that you don't want to.

We use lingerie to shape our figure, yes, but also as a form of reaffirmation. We have left our fears behind, and now we are more confident, whatever type of lingerie we choose.


You don't need a reason to wear lingerie: you don't even need a sexual encounter insight. Erotic lingerie will put you in sensual mode simply by the fact that you're wearing it. But if you feel that's not enough for you to take the plunge, here's what other benefits lingerie can bring to your everyday life.

Wearing lingerie in your everyday life will bring you many benefits.
    1. It will make you look and feel better, thereby changing your attitude.

    2. It will boost your self-esteem.

    3. It will help improve your self-confidence, even if it is very intimate that not everyone can see. You know you are wearing it, and that will make you feel powerful.

    4. It is a complement to seduction.

    5. It will help you to stimulate your imagination and, with it, your sexual fantasies. If you need inspiration, we tell you the fantasies preferred by women and the most common.  

    6. It will raise the temperature and arousal.

    7. It will rekindle the passion.

    8. Improve intimate relationships.


There are as many types of lingerie as there are moments in which to wear them. Silk, lace, transparent fabrics allow a glimpse of the body, even latex lingerie, for those looking for a slightly different experience in their encounters.
Experiment with different fabrics, shapes, models until you find the one that suits your needs and makes you feel better.